Unfortunately, as of 1 January 2008, the school aids allowance, which was USD 1,000 for a child entering the first grade of a primary school and enrolled in compulsory education, was canceled. It wasn’t too much, but for parents who have more children, this help is really appropriate. Some families have to go for other help, which is a loan for school supplies.

How much do school supplies cost?

How much do school supplies cost?

The resulting price of school supplies ranges from USD 2,000 to USD 6,000. It depends on how your child interferes with the selection of school supplies and how willing you are to reach deep into your pocket. The most expensive are “branded” backpacks with the motifs of well-known heroes, who know children from television and very often seek them. Be careful. The most expensive doesn’t always mean the best. Even half the cheapest briefcase can have better properties and can be made of better quality material.

Loan for school supplies: what loan to choose

Loan for school supplies: what <a href=loan to choose” />

Above all, be careful about a loan for school supplies should not endanger you in any way. If you have a payday and immediately afterwards you settle the debt is all right. We advise to take advantage of offers: first free loan. You may think that this loan is only provided by lender, but you are wrong. More and more companies are approaching this option.



As far as your child goes with you, try not to hurt him too much, but you must make it clear that he cannot have everything he can point out. For example, you can save on workbooks in which there are sometimes differences of several tens of dollars. Before you go shopping, make a detailed list of all the things your kids will need.

Want to save time and money? Shop online for many events. Be aware that your child wants to be “in” simply does not want him to laugh at school.

It’s probably not surprising that among student borrowers who now make more money or have attained higher degrees, even more support taking student loans. Despite the costs, student loans are a worthwhile investment if having that education will lead to a good career and income down the road.

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