Low-income earners, like any other consumer, have to pay bills and make purchases. Since their salary is not very high, it is often difficult to pay everything at once. It often happens that the low-income earner asks for a loan so that the financial situation cannot get to a head.

However, only very few will be successful here, because loans for low-income earners are often not provided. Even those who then have a bad Credit bureau have a hard time. So many think about a Credit bureau-free loan for low earners.

Credit bureau-free credit – what is it?

In this country, banks work with Credit bureau and get information about the customer who wants to apply for a loan. The customer’s creditworthiness is checked with Credit bureau so that banks can see whether the applicant is meeting his payment obligations or there are difficulties.

If there are too many entries that can have a negative impact on Credit bureau, a loan application will be rejected. But there is also the possibility to get a Credit bureau-free loan abroad. These banks do not work with Credit bureau, so neither a loan is noted there, nor is Credit bureau checked.

Applicants must meet certain requirements to be eligible for low-income, Credit bureau-free loans. And this is where the problems for the low earner begin.

What problems do low-income earners have?

What problems do low-income earners have?

Low earners have the problem that they often have an income that cannot be seized. However, they must meet this requirement with a Credit bureau-free loan for low-income earners, because foreign banks also want collateral. Since the income is not high enough, the banks will not grant a low-income, no-Schaffa loan. It is therefore impossible to apply for a loan abroad.

Which option can be used?

Which option can be used?

Low earners really only have one option. This provides for a private loan. Many private individuals offer their money online to make money themselves. This loan can be made without a Credit bureau check, but few do without good collateral. Either a guarantee or a life insurance policy, which can serve as security, often helps. Otherwise there is only the way to your own family, which may be able to do without a small sum.

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